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AML Training

Throughout the year Goodacre runs a number of AML training courses.  Our Anti-Money Laundering training courses are delivered by an expert practitioner who also delivers CISI Diploma level training and CFA Investment Management Certificate training courses.

AML Training

AML training is geared towards giving the delegate enough awareness to work in a role aimed at stopping criminals benefiting from their crimes.  This applies equally to individuals and organised gangs operating internationally. Goodacre's AML training explores the scope, risks, controls and obligations relevant to money laundering.

A Goodacre AML training course will cover such things as:

  • A practical definition of Money Laundering and a comparison of models, including an overview of legislation; 
  • Terrorist Financing;
  • Suspicious Activity;
  • Understanding criminals' methods;
  • Understanding and managing the risks from Money Laundering;
  • The role of governance, policies, procedures and training;
  • Client Due Diligence – Simplified Due Diligence / Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD);
  • Ongoing Monitoring.

AML Training

All Goodacre training courses come with CISI-approved CPD certification so you can prove your ongoing development to your employers (current and future) and professional bodies.

Feel free to browse our list of upcoming training courses to find out when our next Anti-Money Laundering training course is scheduled.   If you can't see what you are looking for contact us to find out when the next AML training course is planned.