Understanding the Bond Markets

Webinar Overview


Following the Financial Market collapse over a decade ago, Banks sharply cut back on the availability of credit lines as Regulators forced them to hold more capital. Simultaneously, Governments increased their borrowing to shore up the surviving Banks. This was the opportunity for the Bond Markets to step in and become the provider of choice going forward to meet the Debt funding requirements of both Corporates, Supranationals & Sovereigns alike. Therefore it is imperative that these markets are properly understood by Issuers, Investors, Intermediaries, Regulators & Fund Administrators.


The following topics will be covered:


  • Understanding Bond Pricing – Coupons, Par Values, Yield to Maturity
  • The Bond universe – Sovereigns, Corporates, Eurobonds, Convertibles, Exchangeables, Floating Rate Notes, Asset Backed, Zero Coupon
  • Bond structures – Fixed or Floating Rate Issuance
  • Hybrid structures – Callable, Puttable
  • Interest Rate sensitivity - Duration
  • Credit Risk – From Investment Grade to Junk
  • From Rising Stars to Fallen Angels
  • Understanding Yield Curves & what they tell you



Learning Outcomes


By attending this course participants will acquire a greater understanding of a market place which, for good reason, has traditionally had a lower public profile than many other Financial equivalent markets such as Equities, Foreign Exchange & Commodities.




A CPD certificate will be provided to all attendees, which may be considered appropriate by your company for the accrual of CPD hours. 

Training and Venue Information

CPD Authorised Yes
Event Date 30-07-2020
Event End Date 30-07-2020
Event Time 14:00 - 15:30
Price £145.00
£145.00 1000